How do we engage Seahawk fans beyond the games?

The Making of a Champion project was a fan involvement project I worked on with several influential Seahawk players. We had a goal of reaching as many Seahawk fans as possible to share some stories of how having a belief in God changed the player's life.

Through our research, we learned most fans wanted a sense of community beyond just the Sunday game. We also believed that local churches would be a solution to the feeling of isolation and sadness fans were feeling after losses.


User Research

Our goal for our research was to find what was below the top level desire of watching a football game. We used naturalistic observation during the fans times of viewing Seahawk games. We found after losses there was a serious cloud of sadness and isolation. During wins, there was a sense of victory and achievement.

During our research, we found that the quarterback received the most admiration and respect. We discovered getting him on board would provide high credibility for our users. Russell Wilson accepted and we began the initial filming of the project with him and several other Seahawk players.

Here are three key takeaways from our research

  • Fans want to feel connected. Celebrating with other fans is one of the highlights of the games. Rarely does anyone go to Seahawk games alone.

  • Fans want adventure. Getting caught up in something bigger than themselves provided them with value and identity. Being a "12th man" was an honor.

  • Fans want heroes. Fans want someone to look up to and admire. They want to be swept away in storylines of greatness

We then filmed an initial screening and invited a large focus group to the Seahawk's practice facility for feedback. We discovered inviting fans in and making them feel that the session was exclusive gave them a greater buy-in. They felt like they were an integral part of the process. We took it a step further and invited them to hand out 28,000 copies of the film during a post-game exit from Century Link field. We also sweetened the deal by providing autographs from players after the game for extra incentive. The response from this focus group was overwhelming, over a hundred people volunteered.


Feedback Implementation

We began by orchestrating interviews with the players at the Seahawks practice facility. We decided to hit all three points found in our research, we invited them to get connected, we showed them the adventure and gave them a hero. We then ordered 28,000 DVD's to be passed out by our recently bought in volunteers.

We had the video but now we needed a way to get them to the next stage. We designed a web portal to allow them to find local churches in their community and gave a call to action at the end of the video. We also provided an online link to the video for fans who didn't want to watch the DVD.



The response was overwhelming. Fans absolutely loved the thought that Seahawk players were inviting them into a greater purpose outside the games. They really connected with the player's stories. Local churches were blown away by the number of new attendees and the feedback we received was incredible.

The video received over 700,000 views on YouTube and was shown all over Seattle. It was picked up by news outlets and posted everywhere on social media. The best part, after recording "The Making of a Champion" the Seahawks went on to win their first Super Bowl championship.


My Role

User Research


I actively participated in researching how fans interacted with Seahawk sporting events. Through focus groups and naturalistic observation, we recorded the data needed to produce a successful project.

UX Design and Mockups


I took point on all UX design processes. I did all the mockups and prepared visual pieces for enhancing user engagement. I coded the web portal that users were pointed to.



I connected volunteers with the project as well as managed player interactions with fans. I made people aware that volunteers needed to respect the player's personal boundaries.

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